CITY VISTA is an interdisciplinary series of events in Frankfurt am Main with readings, lectures, discussions, performances around the narration of life in a city. What is a city? Who are its inhabitants? What makes a city? Who makes it? For whom is it? How do we live and care for ourselves in a city? What are the ecological requirements of urban life in the present and how can these be implemented? What does public space mean? Who designs it? What does participation mean and what responsibilities does it entail? And what does culture have to do with it? 

CITY VISTA explores the questions posed above. To be able to talk about a future one has to meet in the present. A conversation about urban issues and the role of culture can only do justice to the complexity of the present if it is thought about and conducted in an interdisciplinary and intersectional way. CITY VISTA therefore deliberately acts at the intersection of festival and symposium to showcase spaces for thought, discussion and action that unite culture, science and politics. 

CITY VISTA takes place at different locations in public space.
The festival is divided into chapters in terms of content: Between August 21 and September 12, two chapters will be worked on each weekend. Each chapter has its own venue. Firstly, in order to spatially expand the content structure and to work on the respective theme in an appropriate environment. In this sense, the public space is not only a stage, but also becomes an actor. Second, to explore the city in its diversity and third, to physically pursue the question What spaces do we need?

Integration and multiple use of existing structures and involvement of the neighborhood are essential factors in the communally conceived organization of space. CITY VISTA wants to learn from existing structures and do its part to strengthen them and create new ones. 

Not only actors from culture and politics should network with each other, but above all diverse inhabitants of Frankfurt. 

CITY VISTA is a place of encounter: the aim is to show and promote possibilities of cooperation and participation in the context of urban and cultural issues. 


Poetry is not (only) a text form, but an attitude in and towards the world, a tool in everyday life, which enables a way of dealing with complexity, simultaneity, contradictions and the processual. In this sense, the structure of CITY VISTA in chapters is to be understood: These are neither closed nor finished, they are all in (different) relations to each other and influence each other: education is related to culture, culture to urban planning, urban planning to housing, housing to ecology, ecology to education . . . 

CITY VISTA is a multi-eyed look at the now in order not to lose sight of the future of the city.