Who designs urban green spaces? What space do we give to our coexistence with plants and animals? How do we cultivate knowledge and participation? What does collective sustainability mean? How does urban production affect neighborhoods? Where does the translation of global thinking into local action occur? What dynamics connect ecology to the right to the city? What is an emancipatory food system?

Location: Friedberger Anlage

12:00 Welcome 

12:15-13:15 Gemüseheldinnen

13:45-14:45 Die Kooperative

15:15-16:15 Blockadia*Tiefsee

16:45-17:45 Dr. Fabian Thiel

18:15-19:45 Gesprächsrunde mit: Dr.Nina Gorgus, Daniela Matha, Leon Joskowitz, Gemüseheldinnen, Blockadia*Tiefsee