(TINA (There Is No Alternative) was a slogan of the conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose policy has significantly promoted deregulation (of the markets) and privatization of state-owned enterprises / TATA! = There Are Thousands Of Alternatives!)

Who is the city for? Who do we mean when we say we? Who has visibility, possibility? Who has access, participation in what constitutes the city? What structures are invisible to some and insurmountable to others? Where are brutality and complexity of the global economy reflected in architecture and urban planning?

Location: Baseler Platz

13:00 Welcome

13:15-14:15 tba

14:45-15:45 Project Shelter

16:15-17:15 Eleonora Herder

17:45-19:15 Gesprächsrunde mit: Project Shelter, Eleonora Herder und anderen